It is no secret that erectile dysfunction (ED) in men has ruined many relationships worldwide. Erectin corrects this dysfunction by offering a natural way to achieve a rock-hard erection. Read on to find out more about it.

erectinErectile dysfunction is the scourge of our time, and prescription medicines do not always help. Furthermore, these ED pills are often accompanied by many wrecked side effects. It forces men to search for more natural alternatives to cure the dysfunction and get their sex lives back on track.

Erectin is a natural male enhancement formula produced to specifically
address weak erections in men, help them achieve intense orgasms, and increase their stamina in the bedroom.

I decided to write this review because it is hard to admit that more men than we think struggle with getting hard enough or achieving a long-lasting erection to penetrate easily. I have suffered from erectile dysfunction and lack enough stamina to keep me going in the bedroom. So, I tried Erectin due to the many reviews I had gotten from my peers and online.

A brief overview of Erectin

Though there are many sexual enhancement products for men on the market, not all are natural or work as they are promoted. Erectin is a revolutionary formula manufactured using the most advanced technologies to achieve its fast absorption nature. Due to the highly developed technologies employed while manufacturing Erectin, the drug is more bioavailable for the system, making its overall results effective.

What ingredients are in Erectin?

To understand how Erectin can achieve all the enhancement benefits, you need to understand the primary ingredients of the formula and how they act in men’s bodies. The ingredients are:

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  • Saw Palmetto Berry – this ingredient is employed in Erectin as it is known for keeping the prostrate healthy, implying that it is necessary for sexual function.

  • cuscutaChinese Cuscuta – this ingredient has been used for several generations to promote sexual functions and provide cardiovascular advantages.

  • korean red ginsengKorean Red Ginseng – this ingredient boost energy and sexual stamina.

  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract – is an effective and natural aphrodisiac commonly referred to as "the erection root" in several regions of the world due to its ability to support sexual function and stimulate libido to improve erections.

  • epimedium extractEpimedium – it improves nitric oxide production, which promotes erections and libido, hence improving men's bedroom performance.

  • Trichilia Catigua – this ingredient contains particular alkaloids that regulate sleep cycles, improve sexual function, boost energy levels, and reduce weariness.

  • tribulus terrestrisTribulus Terrestris – stimulates the body to generate more testosterone hence boosting libido.

  • damianaDamiana Extract – allows blood and oxygen to travel to the penis more quickly.

  • ginko bilobaGinkgo Biloba – increases blood flow to essential parts of the body hence improving the quality and strength of erections.

  • chinese hawthornChinese Hawthorn – a potent vitamin that aids blood circulation that improves the quality of erections.

How to take

After you have purchased Erectin, it is recommended to start by taking two capsules per day with meals. Eventually, you can increase your intake to four capsules per day if you want to increase the intensity. It is important to note that the maximum dose of this supplement is four, and do not rush to double the dose.

How it works

erectin for menEquipped by three of the most groundbreaking technological advancements in supplement delivery science, Erectin achieves its results in three main ways.

One way is that Erectin enhances nitric oxide production, increasing blood flow. Nitric oxide is naturally produced by the human body, and it acts as a vasodilator. Nitric oxide is essential for a man to obtain a long-lasting erection as it supports healthier blood flow. Erectin ingredients enhance the production of nitric oxide in men hence attaining a stronger and healthier blood flow which improves the quality of their erection.

Additionally, Erectin has several natural testosterone-boosting herbs; hence it also works by improving the production of testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone responsible for sexual performance and libido. According to several studies, testosterone is directly linked to male performance in the bedroom. Therefore, increasing this hormone has proven to support better sexual satisfaction and performance.

Lastly, Erectin contains natural aphrodisiacs to deal with the low libido some men experience. The aphrodisiacs in Erectin achieve this by helping get a man in the “mood” and maintaining the “mood.” They also boost the energy levels of men hence increasing their performance.

Advantages and disadvantages of Erectin

According to the official website of Erectin, this natural formula has the following advantages:

  • Erectin consists of only natural ingredients.
  • Increases sexual drive and libido by nearly 50%.
  • Increases the intensity of orgasms.
  • Achieving better and harder erections hence fighting erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves the ability to control ejaculation and sexual satisfaction.
  • Increases circulation of blood flow.

The disadvantages of this natural formula include:

  • It is a bit expensive
  • It can take several weeks for you to see the results.

Features of Erectin

According to its official website, the best feature of this product is that it comes with a Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee; hence you risk nothing trying the product. If you are not 100% satisfied with the effectiveness of a product, you can return the bottles for a full refund. However, the refund does not include handling and shipping fees.

Another great feature of this product is its high absorption nature due to the advanced technologies employed while manufacturing it. If you ever tried a supplement and saw no results, the issue is always with absorption or stomach acids. However, Erectin used cut-edge breakthroughs in absorption technology, allowing the formula to absorb and enter your bloodstream for maximum results correctly.

Additionally, Erectin is made with advanced “EC” technology that helps the formula pass through your stomach acids unharmed. It enables the ingredients to reach the GI tract, where it needs to be absorbed. The “EC,” the Enteric Coating, is like an armor that protects Erectin from being destroyed by stomach acids.

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Are there any side effects of the product?

erectin ingredientsErectin contains no dangerous chemicals, as its manufacturers indicate that the drug is a 100% natural supplement. Several studies on the drug have not established any significant side effects associated with the supplement.

Though Erectin is a safe, legal nutritional supplement of high performance and quality, this does not mean you can make uncontrolled use of it. If you have a history of allergic reactions to herbal medicines, you must carefully read this supplement’s ingredients before using it.

People on other drugs or pre-existing medical conditions should seek medical guidance and care before using this supplement. Furthermore, taking an overdose of this drug will not improve its benefits but can bring side effects.

Therefore, in case you experience any side effects listed below, you should discontinue the drug immediately and check in with a doctor.

  • Hot flashes
  • Nausea; mostly happens when you take Erectin on an empty stomach.
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

What are the alternatives?

The best alternatives to Erectin are Prosolution Plus, ExtenZe, and VigRX Plus.

Male enhancement drugBenefits
Prosolution PlusImprove libido and sexual drive, reduce premature ejaculation by 64%.
ExtenZeBigger, harder, more frequent erections. Increased endurance for longer-lasting sessions.
VigRx PlusIts outstanding benefit has clinical study with real men and proven by real doctors.

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Where to buy Erectin?

The best place to buy Erectin is the Official website. Only here you will get 100% original product with the best available price. Biggest discounts on bulk orders. Free shipping for some orders and a 67-day money-back guarantee. So, the Official Erectin website – is the best option to purchase Erectin online.

Can I buy Erectin at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, GNC, or near me?

Due to its high popularity, Erectin is not always available in large stores like Walgreens, GNC, Walmart, or CVS. But in the near future, it will be available there for sure! Just check it time after time. But the price at these stores is usually a little higher than on the Official site. Also, there are no bulk discounts, so the Official store is the best option.

Can I buy Erectin on Amazon or eBay?

On Amazon and eBay, you can buy anything and many popular supplements too. But here is no guarantee that you received 100% original Erectin from eBay, Amazon, etc. Nowadays, too many fake pills and supplements selling online from not authorized sellers and especially on Amazon and eBay.

Even if you will lucky and find the original Erectin, you may run into other problems, such as an expired money-back guarantee, etc. So, avoid buying Erectin on Amazon, eBay, and other not authorized dealers. Buy Erectin only from the Official website to be sure that you don’t risk your health and money!

How to buy Erectin in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, or Africa?

No matter where you are, you can buy Ereсtin from any country! Just visit Erectin’s Official website and make an order online. That’s it! A discreet package will be delivered to the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Africa, or any other country.

By the way, if you can’t make an order online or it’s hard for you, you have a few alternative options to order the product. You can buy Erectin by phone call or fax.


If you are a man who has erectile dysfunction, poor performance in bed, or just want to improve your sexual performance and libido, then all you need to do is order Erectin. Or, do you want to experience sex, unlike anything you have felt before, accompanied by mind-blowing orgasms? I would still recommend Erectin to you.

Backed with three groundbreaking technologies and clinical studies, you can be sure that Erectin performs what it is promoted to achieve. Furthermore, there is no harm in trying out Erectin because you are assured of a full return in case you are not fully impressed with the results of the formula.


1.    When can I see the results of Erectin after taking the supplement?

You can start seeing the benefits of this supplement after 28 days of usage. However, some men claim to see the benefits sooner.

2.    How should I take Erectin?

If it is your first time using the supplement, you should start with one or two daily capsules with meals. You can double the dose up to 4 to intensify the results.



Harder Erections


Improved Libido


Increase Control


Increase Orgasms Intensity


Last Longer



  • Clinicaly Proven
  • No Prescription Needed
  • Natural Ingredients
  • 67-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Manufactured in USA


  • Hard To Find in Stores
  • A Little Expensive